#Good Grubbin…Nice To Meat U

Hey everyone!! Today I thought I would share and oldie but goodie Korean spot, Nice To Meat U, a franchise located in Daegu and Busan.


I’ve been to the one in Busan twice and it never disappoints. If you’re a fan of Korean bbq pork, you’re in for a treat. I suggest you try the set menu for you get more for your money. I got the samgyeopsal (pork belly) with the soup. ( Sorry, I forgot the name of the soup but it’s the first one on the set menu). The waiters there are super friendly and you have the option of grilling the pork or they can do it for you.


Here they’re pressing the pork down. So good and the smell is amazing!!





Inside the soup, there’s pork or beef, tofu, mushrooms, beans with red pepper and jalepenos to give it a bit of spice and flavor. It’s quite refreshing and goes well with the bbq pork.





If you’re interested, head to Busan and take the subway and transfer to Seoymeon (green line) line 2. Take exit 2. Out of the subway, walk straight and when you get to Toms Toms coffeeshop, make the left and you should be their restaurant district, Nice To Meat U should be on your left.

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 10.26.38 AM.png

Leave a comment on somewhere you’d like to visit. Till next time.




Jump Start Your Career as an English Teacher

“A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.”

-Brad Henry


Howdy ya’ll,

So I have been getting a lot of questions from my family and friends on how I landed my job in South Korea. I figured if they have questions about it, someone somewhere is probably asking the same so I thought I would share.

For South Korea, you can either apply for a public or private position which I will explain in another post the differences. Since I work in public school,  I will share what documents you will need in order to qualify. Here’s what you need for a public school position.

I. Must have a bachelor degree and something teaching related.

 In order to qualify, you must be one of the three listed:

* Bachelor degree in Education / major in any Education field 

* Bachelor in any field + Full Teaching License

* Bachelor in any field + TESOL / TEFL of at least 100hrs or CELTA or equivalent qualification

II. Apply with a public school program.

I don’t have any experience with applying directly to school programs but from what I’ve read and heard, the process is good. Here are the regional public school programs located in South Korea.

  • EPIK- Nationwide Public School Program
  • SMOE- Seoul Metropolitan City Public School Program
  • GEPIK- Gyeonggi Regional Public School Program
  • GOE- Gyungnam Regional Public School Program
  • Chungnam Regional Public School Program



III. Apply with a recruiter.

This is optional. With a recruiter, they’re basically the middle man that hands in your documents to the public schools. They can provide feedback which helps you find out how your application is progressing. I used Korean Horizons and the process was fairly smooth but I have heard the others are just as reputable. you can click the names and it’ll go directly to their websites.

Korean Horizons

Footprints Recruiting

Reach to Teach Recruiting

Teach Away 

IV. Have the Required Documents

For SMOE, EPIK and GEPIK, they pretty much  require the same documents listed below. My advise is to have them prepared asap so when you do get a call back you can send them off with out delays.

  1. EPIK or SMOE application
  2. 2 University Transcripts
  3. FBI Background check
  4. Healthcare application
  5. 2 Letters of Recommendation
  6. Statement of Purpose
  7. Self Introduction video (varies)


I’ll go further in depth about how to notarize and have your documents apostle in another post. Overall if you are thinking about applying, your process will only go as fast as you turn in your documents.

I hope this post helps anyone interested.

Leave a comment or question below. Until next time.





#Good Grubbin…Ms Cheezious

Some women like flowers, some like chocolate. I however prefer food. You want to impress this gal, take me somewhere that has amazing food (preferably meat) and see how quickly I slide in your DMs. One good place to start would be Ms Cheezious for it has become one of my favorite spots in Miami, Florida.


The atmosphere has a nice combo of nature and hipster chic. On a warm sunny day you can enjoy the outdoor garden under a tree and capture the perfect #nofilter photo of food.


I had the mackin melt and it was amazing. Such a simple concept yet it does so much. It was the kind that just takes you to happy place. Inside filled with gouda mac n cheese and bacon with sourdough bread. To make it even better, I order the sweet potatoes fries and it did not disappoint.


If you’re ever in the Biscayne area in Miami, definitely check out Ms. Cheezious. What are some your favorite spots in Miami?

Til next time.


Address: 7418 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33138                                                                                         305-989-4019                                                       



Home Sweet Home ‘Merica

Hey world,

After one year and five months, I finally had the chance to go for vacation. One word that best described the feeling, peaceful. Especially in Florida. Must be the sun.



I think going only solidified how much family meant for me. No culture shock, no surprises. It just felt good to be around my family and friends. I don’t know, maybe it has something to do with getting older and realizing that maybe this adult life requires more work than I imagined.

I didn’t get a chance to do much for I had my wisdom teeth taken out (ALL FOUR >_<) and that alone took two weeks out of plan. But I did manage to do a mini vacay with my baffles and enjoy good food and Florida weather which was enough for me.



I can’t speak for everyone but personally if I continue to live abroad, making time to go home is undeniable necessary. I never realized how much I genuinely missed my family and friends. Its the little things like this you have to remind yourself about and make an effort to preserve.

I don’t ramble too much and start being corny. Leave a comment about some of the things you miss when you travel. Till next time.



Tips for Teaching Abroad

“Better late than never….but never late…is unrealistic” -Evelyn From The Internets


Happy 2016!! Today I thought I would share a few tips on teaching abroad. This upcoming year marks one year and three months living abroad and boy it has brought both joy and pain. I was fresh out of college with my TEFL certificate and a dream to travel abroad and work with kids. Since then, I’ve learned and is still learning how to do so and I thought I would share a few tips.

I. It’s not about making you feel comfortable, it’s about making them comfortable.


This one can be quite tricky. Whether you’re in posh Gangnam or the straight boonies, anything and everything, you have to take with a grain of salt in those situations. To be frank, sometimes there’ll be days you’re tested because your co teacher just doesn’t like foreigners and then you’ll have days where they put complete faith into everything you do. Sometimes you’ll see things that make you wonder why and days when you’re just completely over living in a foreign country. All I’m saying is, don’t let those days get the best of you. Pick and choose your battles.

II. Kids will be kids.

I’ve heard the notion of South Koreans kids being super polite and easy to handle. I’m just going to pop your bubble now so you don’t walk in with that assumption. Kids will be kids!! I have over 30 students in one class and it’s middle school which means constant hormone imbalance. One minute we’re ok, the next I just want to take a rope and tie them up, out them in a closet and turn off the lights. Kids will be kids. Students here are under a tremendous amount of pressure to succeed. Whether its from academics, parents, even abuse happening at home. A lash out is something anyone would do when you crack under pressure. I don’t excuse this but it is something you have to think about when it comes to your students.


III. It’s not difficult, but it’s not easy.

Another thing I always hear is teaching, especially Korea, is “easy”. Now if I got a dollar for every time I heard this, trust and believe I would’ve paid off Great Lakes in a heart beat. Think about it, moving to a new country where you don’t know the language, the culture let alone where you’re going boiling down to being “easy”? Yes, I admit, teaching here is easy BUT my best advice to you is to go in with a open mind. Save yourself the trouble of making your experience for into the stereotype imaginary box because it will never fit. For the most part , your job is easy and it’s a good way to make an income. HOWEVER, it doesn’t mean you should sail through and leave. Find some way to help make some sort of impact with your students even in the slightest way. Yes, there will be shitty days but if it’s one thing I ask, it is don’t end your year with, “I just came for the money because it was super easy.” That ish really grinds my gears.

IV. Patience is a virtue.

When you first arrive, the first thing you’re probably wondering is what level are your students? Save your breath because you’ll never know. This takes time with a lot of trial and errors with lesson planning. Your first year I’d say is basically you trying to find our way around. You’ll soon find out that teaching is easy but understanding the culture and how things work can be difficult. Even if you don’t get things done how you would like the first year is ok. So long as you tried and have no regrets instead of throwing your hands up and cruise.

Second, sometimes or most of the time, it takes you making the first move for your students to feel comfortable around you. When I first arrived, the majority of my students were very timid and shy, some not having a care in the world about me being there. I remember teaching one day and walking around helping each student, making interactions,just trying to get close to them. The following week, the attitude of the class shifted. Ever since then all my students would come up and say something. May not be much but it’s better than when I first started. That happened after four months of knowing my students. Patience is a virtue.

V. “Fun” isn’t a bad word.

Now this one is always a constant battle depending on who you speak with. Nine times out of ten, your co teacher will ask you to do something ‘fun’. Won’t lie to you, hearing that for one year straight will drive you crazy. For me, this is how I see it. Imagine your co teacher asking you about something. You know the answer but you can’t explain it because it would be overwhelming for them because of the language barrier. Think of this the same way when your co teacher says they want you to make the class fun. I’m sure if their english was good, they would give tell you what they want but that’s not the case.  For me, teaching simple parts of speech and using a lot of hands on activity is “fun”. That’s what helps your students, at least in my case. I don’t just stand in front of the class and talk, it’s too tiring. Instead I make my students try different activities. Takes the stress of you and makes the class go faster.


I hope these help when you’re thinking about teaching abroad. Let me know your thoughts as well as tips on what you do. Until next time.




How To Spend Christmas Abroad

Usually around this time of the year, I’m home putting up stockings and my Christmas tree. Last Christmas and this one unfortunately is not the same. It’s just another thing you have to consider when teaching abroad for you don’t really get your official vacation until January/ February. Sometimes you just have to remix the definition of Christmas and here are  a few tips on how to.



I. Gather with other native English speakers.

No one wants to sped Christmas alone so why not meet up with a few other  native English speakers and have a small dinner. Even if you’re the only person in your town, find a Facebook group and go join the party. Don’t worry about being a stranger. Everyone is there for the same reason, to not be alone on Christmas.

II. Go on a trip.


Why spend a lot of money to go home when you can explore Asia. There’s plenty of countries to visit around this time of the year. If you work in a public school, you are guaranteed 10 days. 10 days!!!! That’s pretty cool. Imagine the amount of grounds you can cover. Whether you choose to do one country or more, the choice is yours. If I wasn’t going home, Thailand would’ve been my choice, followed by Singapore and Malaysia. It is definitely something I will be doing next year.

I hope wherever you are you had a wonderful Christmas filled with joy and laughter. Until next time.


Jay Park, Loco, Gray Oh My!!!

If things don’t work out with my imaginary relationship with Joesph Gordin Levitt, I have all rights to Jay Park. Aside from Kim Wobin, he’s my second favourite asian bae and I got the chance to see him and the AOMG crew perform live at Clubfix in Busan this weekend. All in all it was one word…awesomeness.


The concert was pretty good for the price but the waiting..I wouldn’t wish that upon my worst enemy. I know Jay Park is a pretty well known rapper in the k hip hop community. He’s been on Show Me The Money and so forth. But I figured since the concert’s not in Seoul, maybe it would a low key event king of. But no, his status got people wrapping lines around streets!!!! In my mind, I thought we were going to get there early and have front row seats but the way the streets were set up along with every hooch scampering to get to the front, my hopes of him seeing my chocolate face was slim to none.


I don’t really remember too much of the concert but I definitely remember Loco playing my jam 감아 (Hold Me Tight) feat. Crush. Busan native Simon Domnic also perform as well as their new member Hoody. My only complain was them only playing a few seconds of their songs. I mean, I didn’t just freeze my tush for two hours to hear a chorus. #dobetter


Gray also hit the stage. I must say I only heard his name but never listened to his music and boy was I late on that train.He had a few good tracks and he’s also very cute in person >o<. IMG_4340

Overall for 20,000won ($17), it was definitely worth. Would I see the AOMG crew again? You best believe and I will be front and center. Until next time.